Jefferson Parish

L & S has been working for Jefferson Parish for over 20 years--from producing the parish's annual report to informing residents of important infrastructure upgrades through the SELA newsletters. As Louisiana's most populated parish, Jefferson is making strides to improve infrastructure, education and the quality of life of its residents.

Venice Port Complex (VPC)

From powerpoints to newsletters, press releases and ads, L&S is getting the word out that the VPC is not only rebounding from recent hurricanes, it is prospering despite them. For over 60 years, Venice, La. has played a critical role in developing and servicing some of the most prolific energy properties in the Gulf of Mexico and has long established itself as a major hub for the energy industry.

Crescent River Port Pilots Association

With a campaign that consists of press releases, newsletters and ads, L&S is working to keep the vital and ever-constant river navigation performed by the Crescent Pilots in the forefront of Louisiana's maritime industry. Since 1908 the Crescent River Pilots have navigated ocean-going vessels from Pilottown to the Port of New Orleans, safely bringing global commerce to and from the Louisiana port system.

City of Kenner

Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans, is a city making strides by proactively planning its growth through a number of well-designed plans that will guide the city toward becoming an even safer, more efficient and sustainable community. With major investments already made to its infrastructure and parks, Kenner is quickly becoming an exciting place to live.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (JPSO)

With the JPSO's new annual report, a clear message is presented that the Sheriff's Office is making strides when it comes to decreasing crime in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The Sheriff's Office is taking on these challenges by investing in new technologies and capital equipment, while still maintaining a financially sound organization.

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